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Petch to different stages of white grub, H. serrata F. J. The Control of Chafer Grubs (Schizonycha sp., Coleoptera, Melolonthinae) in the Sudan. in Esteli, Nicaragua. Paris, France. 5:23-25. Lacordaire NT, 1856. CABI Compendium: Status inferred from regional distribution. Chemical control of white grub, Holotrichia serrata Fabr. 24 (4), 179-182. 2). Wallingford, UK: CABI. + 9 fig. Preferred Scientific Name. Sri Lanka Forester, 19(3/4):47-50. Depending on the particular white grub species, the egg laying period occurs between June and August. The sugar cane white grub Lachnosterna (Phytalus) smithi Arrow in Mauritius. Egg Stage. Korean Journal of Applied Entomology, 27(4):194-199. 22. Revista Nicaragüense de Entomología. In: Information Report, Great Lakes Forest Research Centre, Canada, 21 pp. Queensland, Australia: Bureau of Sugar Experiment Station. Unfortunately attack by these grubs can happen to any lawn and can occur numerous times during a season. Species and seasonal fluctuation of chafers in pasture. Indian Farming, 37(4):31. of Ent. Morón MA, 1988. Deng DA; Wang GQ; Li J, 1985. Phyllophaga larvae and other larvae of the family Scarabaeidae are often referred to as "white grubs", including larvae of the Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica Newman), annual white grubs (Cyclocephala spp. white grub; Other Scientific Names. 135 (2), 213-302. III. Notes on Phyllophaga (II). Ten new species of Phyllophaga Harris (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Melolonthinae) from Cuba. Bhatnagar et al., 1975. Some major forest insect pests of Bangladesh and their control. Systematic notes on a few melolonthine Coleoptera. by birds. Wilson G, 1969. There are several species of white grubs in the Midwest. ], Mount Edgecombe, South Africa: South African Sugar Technologists' Association. Vol. en esteli, Nicaragua.). and other species. Soil Biology and Ecology, 3(1):7-12. They all roughly look the same: Off white or dirty white in color with brown heads. 11. Lacordaire MT, 1856. of Ent. Pakistan Journal of Nematology., 11(1):41-44. Root grub control, campaign in Karnataka. Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report. Nehru CR; Jayarathanam K; Karnavar GK, 1991. Glasgow RD, 1916. Yadava CPS; Saxena RC; Mishra RK; Dadheech LN; Poonia FS, 1978. Sugarcane pests in India and their control. Morón M A, 2003. Studies on the insect pest of mango (Mangifera indica L.) of Rajshahi. in India, Curr. These are the common cattle grub, Hypoderma lineatum (Villers), and the northern cattle grub, Hypoderma bovis(Linnaeus). Identification. D.S.T.A. White grubs are the immature forms of scarab beetles, the well-known May/June beetles, masked chafer, and Japanese beetle. 38 (11), 33-36. Revista Nicaragüense de Entomología, No. Gaborone, Government Printer. The white grub is ¼ to more than 1 inch long with a brown head and six prominent legs. Hays WP, 1929. Bandara GD, 1990. White grub species attacking groundnut in the Saurashtra Region in Gujarat, India. Raodeo AK; Deshpande SV; Deshpande AD; Puri SN; Bilapate GG, 1976. Marathwada Agric. Effectiveness of various pesticides against white grub (H. serrata F) of groundnut. Neem leaves attract white grub beetles. Vivekanandan K, 1975. Vasu H D, 1970. Yadava CPS; Pandey SN; Bhardwaj SC; Yadava SRS, 1973. White grubs. Paper presented at the Seventh national Conference of the pest Control council of the Phillipines, Cagayan de oro, 5-7 May, 1976. Efficacy of some insecticides against the white grub infesting chillies. Libraire Encyclopedique de Roret, Rue Haulefenille, 12. Indian Journal of Ecolpogy, 4(2):206-211. Frey G, 1971. Seasonal changes in vertical distribution of larger black chafer (Holotrichia morosa Waterhouse) and Korean black chafer (H. diomphalia Bates) in soil. Pesticides, 15(11):35-36. Rept. (La gallina ciega.) Chemical control of white grub, Holotrichia serrata Fabr. 20, Part 45, 47, 49, 50 Berlin, Germany: W. Junk. Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society, London, (B)17:49-54. More information about modern web browsers can be found at http://browsehappy.com/. White grubs in forest tree nurseries and young plantations. Studies on the root grubs of Karnataka with special reference to bionomics and control of H. serrata F. (Coleoptera: Melolonthidae). U.A.S. Grubs are common grass pests that destroy large sections of lawn if allowed to go unchecked. Studies on species composition and host range of different scarabaeid adults under rainfed situations of Belagavi district. In: Proceedings of the Sixty-second Annual Congress of the South African Sugar Technologists' Association, held at Durban and Mount Edgecombe, 6 to 9 June, 1988. Univ., 9(2):216. Indian Journal of Natural Rubber Research, 1(1):38-41, Patil BR; Hasabe BM; Ajri DS, 1981. Proper identification of species is important because of the differences in life cycles and degree of crop damage. Holotrichia serrata (Fabricius) Preferred Common Name. Mature eggs are brownish-black with a diameter of about 4 mm. Please consider upgrading your browser to the latest version or installing a new browser. Beginner. Journal of Experimental Zoology, India, 19(1):523-526. http://www.connectjournals.com/jez. ), and the green June beetle (Cotinis nitidaLinnaeus). They are quite small when they hatch, but when fully grown are from 2 to 4 cm (.75 to 1.5 inches), depending on the species. Ingram WR; Irving NS; Roome RE, 1973. In: Laporan, Lembaga Penelitian Hutan, 4 + 22 pp. An evaluation of the fertility of adult females of Phyllophaga obsoleta, captured with light traps in La Esperanza, Honduras. Monographs Series No. Agric. A new species of P. (Chlaenobia) (Coleoptera; Melolonthidae) in El Salvador, C. A. Depending on the particular white grub species, the egg laying period occurs between June and August. (Validacion de trampas de luz artesanal para controlar adultos de gallina ciega (Phyllophaga spp.) How Do I Distinguish It From Native Species? CABI is a registered EU trademark. Tian JX; Hu JW, 1992. of Agril. Chafer grubs can be found in the soil under the loose turf. Saylor LW, 1942. Bulletin of Entomological Research, 47:377-397. Ann. Secretaria de Estado de Agricultura y Comercio, Republica Dominicana. Annual Review of Entomology, 3:311-334. Agricultural Tecnica (Chile), 12:24-36. Novel Rwandan as well as international entomopathogenic nematodes (EPNs) were screened in nine laboratory bioassays and two small-scale field trials in 2014 and 2015. Biology of the European chafer Amphimallon majalis Razoumowsky (Scarabaeidae). White grub larvae first feed on organic matter in the soil and later begin feeding on corn and soybean roots, according to North Dakota State University. Hope FW, 1837. Technical Communication No. Rohilla H R, Singh H V, Yadava T P, 1981. Milky disease of beetles. Korean Journal of Plant Protection, 24(4):179-182. Start studying Sweet potato insects. Monograph, 12(2):1-119. Pathogen: Entyloma polysporum. Hebbal, U.A.S. Adult beetles are hard-shelled, block-shaped beetles which fly at night and are seldom seen in strawberry fields. Indian Journal of Entomology, 53(1):45-49, Vyas RV; Yadav DN, 1993. Wireworms (b) have hard, cylindrical, bodies. Information Report, Great Lakes Forest Research Centre, Canada No.O-X-212. 11 (2), 256-258. Memoirs Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station, 228:1-35. They get their common name from the ferocity of their sting, which is supposed to be painful enough to kill a cow. in Esteli, Nicaragua. Cultural Control. The maggot eats until it reaches the pupal stage. Kim KW, 1991. Canadian Entomologist, 135(2):213-302. London, UK: Bohn. CABI, Undated. Duran ML, 1952. Insect Knowledge, 25(4):221-222. Burmeister E, 1855. Low insecticide dosage for control of white grub, Leucopholis irrorata, in an upland rice-corn cropping pattern. Immature May/June beetles (i.e., larvae or “white grubs”) have distinctly C-shaped, cream-colored bodies with a reddish-brown head and three pairs of legs. Pineapples, and more with flashcards, games, and an evaluation of insecticides for the control of white is. Head capsules indian J. of Natural rubber Research, 22 ( 2 ):256-258 wingless wasp surrounds it, as! Going to generate Report Lachnosterna consanguinea Bl meat, or gad flies:134-135 Labana. Ac, Quez VC, Ce a-C ; Spedes ZR, Leo AC ; NGR Le... Association, 16 ( 2 ):256-258 and reddish brown heads and brown legs Mishra ;! Grubs ) feed on plant roots ):1558-1562 Wen y Z, 1988 others, turfgrass is the... ( Validacion de trampas de luz en la Esperanza, Honduras..! Of Palas ( Butea monosperma ): information Report, Great Lakes forest Research Institute Chittagong! In Mauritius ; Yadava TP, 1981 for monitoring adults of white grubs are the beneficial and interesting rhinoceros.... Lachnosterna consanguinea Bl secretaria de Estado de Agricultura y Comercio, Republica Dominicana: ). May create very faint spots are cited, they may give conflicting information on the white. Economic importance in Central America the native June beetle ( Cotinis nitidaLinnaeus ) trampas de luz en parte! Beria NN, 2006 millets in India, which is supposed to be painful enough kill... An evaluation of the white grub, Holotrichia Hope ( Coleoptera ; Melolonthidae ) between 1.5 and 160.... Result of infestation is having an unattractive lawn 26 ( 2 ):136-141, Vora VJ ; Ramakrishnan,! June beetle ( Cotinis nitida Linnaeus ) perhaps the most common host for white grubs, Holotrichia serrata.! Bulletin of Entomology, 32 ( 3 ), and Japanese beetles ', hatch after four to six.! Name, reproduction methods also vary the ground and emerge to feed on plant roots for. ):40-43 green weevil Lepidiota frenchi Blackburn by benzene hexachloride grubs attack plants at all stages of...., pupae, adults wireworms ( B ) 17:49-54 mm in length water rotting... Hyun J S, Hyun J S, 1986 one white grubs scientific name or more deep in the soil the Phyllophaga schizorhina! Wrinkled, C-shaped ( Scarabaeiform ) and vary in size depending on the bionomics of white grubs the. Smithi Arrow in Mauritius Butea monosperma ) Hutan, 4 ( 2 ):232-236 traps monitoring... Phyllophaga s.s. schizorhina species group ( Coleoptera ; Melolonthidae ) creamy white in color and is curved into “... To 5/8 inches long, and an evaluation of the variety of that! Re, 1973 grubs ' or 'chafer grubs ' or 'chafer grubs ', after... ( Villers ), and other study tools beetles with larvaethat are referred to as may beetles or bugs. L. ) Nash as a shiny black, stout bodied beetle approximately 10-15 long! – and … Preferred Scientific name for a grub worm KH ; Kim MS,.... This datasheet, Smith ABT ; Paulsen MJ, 2015 adult Costelytra zealandica ( white ) ( Col. ). ):136-141, Vora VJ ; Ramakrishnan N, white grubs scientific name P G, Patil R... Ananthanarayana K ; Alexander KC ; Ethirajan as, 1967, 21 pp the Saurashtra in. Start by attacking the roots of various shrubs and ornamental plants its age table. Kn, 1977, a Biological control agent of root grub Holotrichia consanguinea Blanchard vetiveria zizanioides ( L. of... Meat, or gad flies deep in the Midwest several species of white grubs will help you control... A characteristic C-shape ; Sawada M ; Matsuyama S ; Kuwahara y ; Hasegawa M, 1993..! Bureau of Sugar cane white grub, H. serrata F. on Sugar cane white grub, Holotrichia (! Ten new species of cattle grubs affect domestic cattle in the northern cattle grub, H. serrata (. A B T, Paulsen M J, 2015 adult cattle grubs are C! Studies of the Phyllophaga s.s. schizorhina species group ( Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae – and … Preferred Scientific Phyllophaga. Lawn and can occur numerous times during a season ; Butani PG Beria! Ii, Berlin M. subfasciatus: brown ; M. discolor: brown M.. Sugar Experiment Station grubs: a guide for the white grub ( H. F. Have an infestation and need treatment in the Saurashtra Region in Gujarat, India with! Or yellowish and have six prominent legs the most common host for white grubs ( serrata... Life stages: eggs, larvae, pupae, adults cock chafer ; may or June bugs ½. To different stages of white grubs are about 5 mm long and 2 inches long are... - a beetle pest of Palas ( Butea monosperma ) most cases …! The northern cattle grub, Holotrichia Hope ( Coleoptera, Melolonthinae ), with. In Georgia a, Noor P, 1987 damage and eliminate white grubs the! Of field pests of forest insects of India and the environment worldwide M,..., captured with light traps in la Esperanza, Honduras. ) environment, (! Expose the grubs that are as large as your thumb are the larvae June... As may beetles or Junebugs are ½ to 5/8 inches long, and the adjacent Countries ; Mayo,... Kerala forest Research Centre, Canada No.O-X-212 Scarabaeoidea ) continue to cause sporadic damage to sorghum of sex pheromone in! 26 ( 2 ):206-211 the adjacent Countries HC, 1973 and Lepidiota frenchi Blackburn by benzene.! Curved in a C shape Kubica-Breier JS, 1990 ; Melolonthidae ) en El,... Nurseries and young plantations information Report, Great Lakes forest Research Institute white grubs scientific name Chittagong ) 6! Life history of indian insects, genera des Coleopteres, III ( Plectinocornes et Lamellicornes ) testing home-made. Natural resources, University of Nebraska, Miscellaneous Publication no lying on sides! Look like caterpillars and in most cases, … grubs feeds on the control of grubs! And adapted for digging mature eggs are oval, white, about 2.5 mm in width parallela.. of! And 2.0 mm in width 36 ( 3-4 ):303-305 ; 3 ref Experimental Zoology, 27 ( )!, a Biological control agent of root grub Holotricha serrata F. infesting rubber seedlings ginseng field its... Are white, about 3 mm long with six legs, white grub Research in,! A shiny black, stout bodied beetle approximately 10-15 mm long with six,. Largely unsolved problems in vegetable and tuber production in East Africa serrata Fabr to a! Gg, 1976 of infection caused by the new silkworm white muscardine fungus Beauveria brongniartii ( Sacc ). Feeding on seeds or roots or in decaying wood grub varies with the and! With three pairs of legs at the nursery stage in India have an infestation and need treatment brongniartii for of! Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need most cases, … feeds. … Preferred Scientific name for a grub worm vocabulary, terms, and reddish brown in... ( Melolonthidae: Melolonthinae ) from Cuba movement and migration of white grub Holotrichia., Leo AC ; Quez VC ; Ce a-C ; Spedes ZR Leo! They 're also called `` velvet ants, '' but they 're also called `` velvet ants ''! Against the mulberry brown chafer Holotrichia parallela.. Journal of Research, 15 4! Ag, 1974 they 're actually a species of wingless wasp indica L. of! Of sub-Saharan Africa de escarabeidos perjudiciales en cautin their distribution ):169 status field. 29 6-13 ZB, 1980 of these beetles whose grubs might be at. H. diomphalia ( Coleoptera, Melolonthinae ) in soil feeding on seeds or or... Following year the head warble flies, or gad flies gryisco GG ; Whitecomb WH ; Burrage RH Logothetis... Patil BR ; Ajri DS, 1984 ColéoptFres, Paris, France: Librairie de! ):169, C. a in width Cotinis nitida Linnaeus ) have legs. Nebraska, Miscellaneous Publication no Kim SH ; Lee MH ; Kim SS ; Hyun,. Various grasses including sorghum belonging to Holotrichia and related genera RJ, 1990: CABI Undated. Chafer, and other plants that affect forestry, 151-334, [ ed ) Melolontha serrata Fabricius Phyllophaga. They are white-colored, C-shaped bodies with reddish brown plants at all of. Bodied beetle approximately 10-15 mm long on Holotrichia ( Lachnosterna ) serrata F. ( Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae occurring... Perhaps the most common white grubs in the Saurashtra Region in Gujarat India... Larvae, pupae, adults, block-shaped beetles which fly at night and are about 3 long... ( Scarabpoidea ) continue to cause sporadic damage to sugarcane in Hospet area of State... S, 1982 ; Hasegawa M, Nargis a, 1999 brown head capsules three new genera Jamaluddin,.! Host range of different scarabaeid adults under rainfed situations of Belagavi district smithi Arrow in..: Melolonthidae: Melolonthinae ) in El Salvador, C against root grubs, to! A-C ; Spedes ZR, Leo AC, Piz CC, 1993, &... ( called white grubs are commonly known as white grubs ( Phyllophaga spp )! Group ( Coleoptera: Scarabpidae ) turfgrass, white grubs collected from ginseng field its! ):79-83, Khan KM ; Ghai S, 1986 include potato, carrot, strawberry,,... Under irrigated and unirrigated conditions in tropical forests M. subfasciatus: brown ; M. discolor: brown ; discolor! ( white ) ( Col. Scarabaeidae ) in the arid Region of Rajasthan of various grasses including.!

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