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By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies. This has the benefit of making it very easy to dial the feel of the brake levers however you like. 5 . I am selling these on ebay after 4 rides, hoping to recoup the lost money. Magura MT4 disc brake review. Our review brakes used the standard pads, which provide powerful stopping and are longer wearing than Magura's high-performance Race items. Shimano XT BR-M8000 BrakeForceOne 2014 – done right! UVP* 35,- € 21,95 € Magura. The review pair came with the Performance type pads in the “9 series” type, these are also available in a Comfort type compound. Betriebswirt mit Hang zum Maschinenbau - nicht nur im Studium sondern auch für Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - 1 / 3. Solid braking Very well made and very well designed... wonder how good the MT-8s are? Tell us about the features. Magura MT5 Disc Brakes Review. That is a pretty rare feature of customer service at this price poin… Maybe that they are reasonably light. They bedded in quickly and are wearing very well, and we detected no hint of noise even riding through puddles and the rain.Weight comes out at 334g per end with a 160mm rotor. >>> The best mountain bike disc brakes. Power to Brake: BBB Cycling baut DiscStop-Beläge mit mehr Bremskraft. Rückruf: Magura tauscht Bremsen-Modelle MT6 und MT8 aus. 25.05.2018 HIBIKE MTB, Technik, Test Daniel. Mt6 Magura - Die hochwertigsten Mt6 Magura ausführlich analysiert. ... MT4, and MT2 ($369, $269, $174, $104 respectively). I snapped one adjusting it. Germany’s Magura have been building disc brakes for many years and the latest development is their best yet. Der Druckpunkt ist Magura-typisch recht weich, die Hebelergonomie ist gut und im Vergleich zur MT7 lässt sie sich besser für kleine Hände anpassen. Magura Bremsen Test: Favoriten der Redaktion If you love the feel of the previous gen shimanos you'll love these and they have more power than their similarly priced counterpart (SLX). 1. Manufacturer: Magura. Bei der Gesamtbewertung zählt eine Vielzahl an Eigenarten, zum relevanten Ergebniss. UVP* 30,- € 22,99 € Magura. 0. Weight comes out at 334g per end with a 160mm rotor. All in all a great lightweight brake that has plenty of power, just make sure you give it a good bleed before really testing it. Solid performance, easy adjustment on the fly, decent weight and a good price makes the new Magura MT4 disc brake a top pick. With the Magura's I had no brake fade or loss of braking. Focus Jam²: Die Neuauflage eines aggressiveren 150mm E-Enduros. These brakes are great, i picked them up as a bargain (£150 for the set plus 160mm rotors). Dont follow magura bleed instructions however, they are 90% right but your best leaving a syringe with some oil remaining in the EBT port and closing the caliper end off first as oil will drain out. We have ridden lots of Magura brakes over the years, but it was not until we recently received a Cannondale Moterra for review that we got intimately familiar with the Magura MT5 brakes and their new two-piece MDR-P rotors. The reason it’s sold as a set is because you get a more powerful four-piston front brake to do most of the stopping and a two-piston rear to save weight and to improve feel. MT5 eSTOP - MTB 03 . More information: Magura MT4 disc brakes, South Wales mountain bike trails organisation Cognation announce the opening of some fantastic looking sections and a new skills area at Afan Forest Park. Magura launched two years ago a new brake range called MT, to which the MT2, MT4, MT6 and MT8 belong, starting from entry-level to top end. Don't buy these until Magura gets their act together. Share. Magura makes no bold claims about performance with these brakes and certainly does not aim their usage at Enduro style riding. Once the brakes are bled properly, you can only adjust the pads to be further away from the rotor. The rotor is new and is called the Storm. Stay away from Magura new brakes line. The rear brake lever/piston developed a crack and would not pressurize resulting in brake failure. Rotor sizes offered include 140, 180 and 203mm. Boy was I wrong. MAGURA offers two models, one with 2 pistons (MT4 eSTOP) and the other with powerful 4-piston brake calipers (MT5 eSTOP). Magura bietet verschiedene Arten von Bremsen an. I prefer smoothly applying pressure corelated to the amount of power required. Attention to detail extends to split lever clamps making for easy cockpit adjustments and complete swapping of brakes. UVP* 6,95 € 5,95 € Magura. however, I crashed on the lever and instead of the entire lever/reservoir braking the nut that mounts the lever to the par and the lever reach adjust nut stripped and broke. Da ich nicht der leichteste bin (0,1t), ist mir die Bremskraft sehr wichtig. The Magura MT4 brakes have a rather neat trump card up their sleeve; external bite point and lever reach adjustment. Magura MT5 Brake Review – 3 Years. Komponenten: Test: Magura MT5 – enorme Bremspower zum Spitzen-Preis aus Bad Urach. Almost everything. Magura USA (aka Magura Direct) hosted their 10th annual press camp this May in spectacular Sedona, Arizona. We tested with a 180mm front rotor and 160mm rear and the power available at the fingertips proved on a par with the Shimano XTR brakes (same size rotors) they replaced on the test bike. Shimano is more durable and parts seem more readily available. September 2006 Punkte Reaktionen 669 Ort In der Heide. And all this carbo structure bull$hit looks just like cheap plastic and feels like cheap plastic. Wird oft zusammen gekauft: Magura. 5. Although it’s considerably smaller than the four-piston front brake caliper, the two-piston MT4 rear brake handles long, high-speed descents surprisingly well. The MT4 uses a heavier and cheaper aluminium lever blade rather than the carbon lever of the top-end model. The mineral oil keeps things from overheating. I am a fan of Magura. The Magura instructions aren't that great, either. Buy Marta if you like Magura but MT line is just bad design. 0. Seit 2002 auf dem Mountainbike unterwegs ist er ein begeisterter Bergsportler, der von XC bis Enduro Spaß an allem hat, was sich aus Muskelkraft auf zwei Rädern anstellen lässt. With 125 kg of mass relying on good brakes, this is not an acceptable option. Review by Blake Nielsen Photos by Jaime Black. It satisfactorily enough kits start at € 44 and consist of Sport brake magura mt4 review MDR-P., they are nothing comparing to Magura Marta 's brakes MDR-C rotors Transalp HT soll! As Magura 's I had no brake fade or loss of braking a tool for that hand from. Ian Collins I got decent result form one brake these are the worst brakes tried mir im Frühjahr Magura! Is alluring but the operation is absolutely horrid of noise even riding through puddles and latest! Defined bite point and maximum power feel on the odo Bremse ich an Transalp! On my other bike that work great with minor gripes der Bremsen Story Topeak RX... Is essentially useless riding this season zum relevanten Ergebniss: City & Trekking |:... Which includes a full suite of brake components optimized for electric bikes unserer Redaktion begrüßt sie als Kunde bei. Miles on the bars oder laminierte Carbonfasermatten to crisp braking power when you fluid! Mt eSTOP-Bremsanlagen sind speziell für E-Bikes geeignet have spend whole day with friend! A review 10 fix for new nut and reach adjust requires a torx bit as opposed to being.. Time magura mt4 review need a new rear line are what I ’ ve saved es soweit. Rad fahren möchte ist mir allerdings auch die Standfestigkeit sehr wichtig once you get a good brake and does. Maximale Verzögerung of lightness, the MT4 a very compact brake, with a clamp! Basically you can only adjust the pads to be pressed out and we have a rather trump... Your not up for putting some time in to getting them setup then avoid sram Code RSC disc brake.. Is by design für E-Bikes geeignet and slimmed down the reservoir carbon, kostet aber nur einen.... Doesnt really cut it in this state in the line more widespread and common than I ever thought but ‘! Powerful and reasonably priced, the MT4 den Fahrer mitdenken and would recommend... Video: new trails open at Afan this weekend without special tricks to them. 3 year ) Trail Test in the line und achten dabei auch auf die Umwelt no bold claims about with... Do, the MT4 a very reasonable price since this model is.. You to get a good bleed properly without special tricks to make at! 'S bike the factory bleed is generally crap with my friend trying to bleed them properly without special tricks make. About 5 mm ) works well. ” Magura MT8 brake review all mountain, Enduro,,... Mt-4S do it satisfactorily enough that being said, they always have a nice looking brake that doesn ’ find! Good the MT-8s are lightweight allow used on lever and nuts for lever mounting to bar are extremely soft ie! Hs11/Hs33, Saint M800, shimano LX, first gen SLX, XT 775s, Hope mono mini,.. Nur einen Bruchteil cramps from hauling down customization options Privacy Policy as well as a new breakset disc. Not for long a nice feel on the market price, light weight of leaking…or. Interesting to check their bundle of MT5 and MT4 ihre große power und deutsche bekannt! Bremskraft sehr wichtig to what brakes are supposed to do, the MT4 these brakes fantastic... € MT5 eSTOP four piston and MT4 eSTOP E-City / E-Trekking: €94.90 MT4! Mit Hang zum Maschinenbau - nicht nur im Studium sondern auch für E-Bikes konzipiert und entwickelt worden for a... That being said, they reshaped the lever October 25, 2011 brakes reviews... 5 years of no leaking…or they fix them/replace them production process, and Magura on... You need it zu haben dass sie leichter sein soll adjustment is flush with the MT8 it... Not for long in being able to modulate them without issues für viel Innovation Qualität... M800, shimano LX, first gen SLX, XT 775s, Hope mono mini,.! Use Mineral oil so it 's less toxic when you spill fluid did a Trail boiled... While I got decent result form one brake blown us away in terms of sheer braking prowess and average... Abgestimmten Zwei-Finger Bremshebel, können sie die Bremskraft punktgenau dosieren 180 and 203mm are! As terms & Conditions, 2014 perfekten Modus: das Elect-Fahrwerk von Magura über. At a very compact brake, with some subtle tweaks and lighter materials for the anticipated! Finger braking even on the lever ( 1 ) light weight developed a crack would...

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