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It will apply to purpose-built blocks of flats rather than individual houses, a ministry official said. The park is a great place to get active as you can boat, cycle, play tennis, skate, ride horses, or even swim within the park. If this is you, I’d recommend doing it on your first day in London to get a good orientation. I have personally seen Wicked and enjoyed it but not the other two, but all have really good reviews. The tradition dates back to the mid-1800’s and anyone can participate. Given time, you probably only have time to admire them today, but both do have associated attractions if you want to visit them. If you are really interested in food, we’d recommend considering cutting out some of the other stops in the itinerary today and doing a food tour here, such as this one. The West End is one of the most world-renown places in the world, along with New York City’s Broadway, for professional theatre. DAY 2 – 1) Free & easy day trip to Stonehenge. 4- we are a party of 6, 2 kids (5 and 9) and 4 adults (2 over 60)- how family friendly would you consider the 3 day itinerary, also considering, we will be jet lagging first couple of days. The Banqueting House was designed by Inigo Jones and features a beautiful ceiling painted by Peter Paul Reubens. 1. Dear Team, I would probably not try to squeeze much more into your itinerary as it is already pretty full. You’ll also pass the The Household Calvary Museum (fee*), a small museum dedicated to the history of the Household Cavalry which is located in the 18th century stables of the Horse Guards. Th next day we will try to see a lot!! Get help and support about Help and support. Today is it a UNESCO world heritage site and it is famous for serving as a prison and execution site of famous people like Queen Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey, and for housing the Crown Jewels. I think it’s time for another trip. Since then it been used as the residence and workplace of “minor royalty”, and is still an active working royal palace. Our mobile app My husband and I are travelling in March to London-Paris-Amsterdam and your blog has been very useful. Those should give you some good places to start, but you have loads of lodging options in London near bus stops as the buses stop near almost all of the major centrally located tourist attractions. Grab sandwiches and snacks from places like Boots or Marks & Spencers during the day – most UK grocery stores and convenience stores offer grab-and-go meals deals around £10 which include sandwich or pasta, side or snack, and drink. But probably the two best ways to explore the area, especially as a day trip or overnight trip from London, are by renting a car or taking a guided bus tour (or private tour). Big Ben (Is it under renovation?) And probably get it again on a future return to do more! We were planning on attending Mass(Covent Garden) around 9ish that morning then continuing on from there. In the summer boating is popular and you can rent a rowing or pedal boat to enjoy the Serpentine Lake or you can take a ride on the solar-powered Solarshuttle. WE live in London and are meant to be planning 3 days here for our friends later this year. With all these options, planning a trip to London can be a bit overwhelming, especially for first time visitors. You can see more about this here. It dates back to 1245 and was mostly built in the Gothic style. Tours include visits to the Westminster Hall, St. Stephens Hall, Commons Chamber, and the Lords Chamber. But I would actually recommend buying the London Pass online in advance if you can. If you are looking for self-catering apartments or rooms, we recommend checking out Airbnb.There are also loads of apartment booking sites you can check. We are so happy that you found our 3 day London itinerary helpful for planning your trip to London. Planning a trip to London? Some temporary exhibitions are also free but there is generally a fee to enter the major ones. One of the biggest is the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and it is expected to begin in late November so you should be able to catch that which has Christmas market, decorations, ice skating, rides, circus shows, etc, but it is a bit early for exact dates for most of these so I’d check a bit closer to your trip. Should we get an oyster Card? Although the Sky Garden is technically a public garden and can be visited for free, we recommend booking a space in advance as they are often fully booked and can’t always accommodate walk-ins. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to officially reside in the palace. Alternatives: Kensington is home to several other well-known museums, including the  Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. Your email address will not be published. Will the attractions be open on New Year’s day? Also can we wear shorts and go into the churches and the museums? A great venue to see a Shakespeare play in London. I liked seeing the sparkly jewels. If you are looking for an evening entertainment option during your time in London, there is almost always something happening at the Royal Albert Hall. We are planning to get a two day London Pass since my understanding is they have to be used on consecutive days. You can also join offered guided tours at the castle, I’d check the website in advance for tour times. I would love seeing Highclere Castle and the Harry Potter world. We recommend doing the Thames River cruise on Day 2, perhaps after a morning visit to the Tower of London. Parking is also  expensive in many areas and there are congestion fees for driving in the city center. The church can be visited and tour and admission prices include an audioguide for a self-guided visited. One had pre-Raphaelite art. O. Castillo One of our first stops was also visa related which didn’t add to the appeal. if so, do you know where and what we should hit? We do not want to wear ourselves out, yet do not wish to miss out on any interesting sights. For most places, you’ll have the option to see it as part of a guided tour, take public transit, arrange a private transfer, or rent a car and drive yourself. Will there be christmas decorations or christmas markets during this time (november 27-december 2). Then after your visit you can see how much time you have left. Would greatly appreciate your inputs on a few of my questions below: The 2004 London Plan can be found here. At least, that’s our plan! I used to visit London several times a year as I had family living there at the time and we would rarely do any tourist attractions. The museum collection is extensive and items range from Chinese embroidery to John Constable paintings to Baroque furniture to Alexander McQueen gowns. If you are still planning your Paris part, this suggested 3 day itinerary may be helpful. This bridge dates back to 1862 but there has been a bridge here since 1750. This post may contain affiliate links. If you have a London Pass, you get free entry into one of the paid exhibitions. I love all the images that you have shared. Best, Jessica, I lived in London for a few years, and the best thing about it is that you’re never done seeing everything there. The Banqueting House was designed by Inigo Jones and features a beautiful ceiling painted by Peter Paul Reubens. Hi Jessica, thank you for your quick reply. Since it sounds like you have about 3 full days, I’d just modify the 3 day London itinerary into how it fits your time in London and interests. Best, Jessica, This is a great itinerary! The Pass also comes with a free hop-on, hop-off bus ticket and additional discounts on food, shopping, theatre tickets, and tours. Free audioguides are provided to London Pass holders at the National Gallery. The Tower of London (fee*) was first built by William the Conqueror in 1078 as a royal castle and defense tower. Just for one full operating day of the sightseeing bus to whenever the bus service begins to when it ends. The Tower of London is included on the London Pass, or you can book tickets in advance here for a saving on the in-person fee. Jessica. What days’ itinerary would you suggest for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can check the latest prices and purchase the London Pass at the official website for the pass here. The market is normally open from 10am to 5pm and is closed on most Sundays during the year. The church is an active place of worship with regular Anglican services, and has been the site of a number of notable events including the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana, the state funeral of Winston Churchill, and Jubilee services for Queen Elizabeth II. Since our itinerary is designed for walking, you don’t really need the bus or public transit too much to get around so you can also use it more to just sightsee than to get from place to place, but it is up to you. If you make a purchase using one of these links it means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Yes, things will likely be congested on New Year’s Eve, especially towards evening as many people will be heading off to eat, celebrate, and party. You can use the HOHO bus anytime/day you want, but I’d probably do it the first day so you can listen to the commentary and learn more about the city and sightsee from the bus before you start visiting a lot of places. For historical reasons, most important destinations lie north of the river. Hi Vicki, Glad you are finding our London itinerary and other UK content helpful. ~ Jessica. This page helps you to manage your Royal London funeral plan as an existing customer. Your e-mail will not be published or used for any other reason other than those outlined above. Yes, the Tower of London and the Crown Jewels is always a popular favorite Best, Jessica. London Bridge has existed in some form since Roman times, although the current one was built in the 1970’s. Most international visitors arrive by air. Today we recommend exploring the City of London. Sunday is Easter so hope that doesn’t impact our stay too much. Guided tours of the Royal Albert Hall help you understand the history of the concert hall and take you to see the auditorium, gallery, and the private suites of the Royal Family. The least expensive option (as of August 2018) is to purchase your London Eye tickets here (standard tickets) or here (fast track tickets). The following calculations are based on the above itinerary although it doesn’t include every single attraction we suggested but includes what we believe is a realistic number for someone planning to actively sightsee based on the above itinerary. I am having a hard time deciding on how to plan out our days. Would love to watch one that I have not seen before in London itself!! One thing I did that was not on your itinerary was take the Thames Clipper (you can use your Oyster card) from the Tower of London to Greenwich. Today Whitehall is still the center of the UK Government and you’ll pass a number of government buildings along your walk. If you are feeling tired the first day from jet lag, this can also be a nice break from walking. We wanted to give you an example of the cost savings over 3 days in London if you were using  a London Pass. On the London pass does that include theater tickets? Is UK Groupon good for tourists? If dining out is not a must-do, you can definitely save money in London on food and drink by picking up sandwiches, salads, snacks, etc. If you want a spot to watch part of the Changing of the Guard with fewer people, you might consider watching from in front of Friary Court in front of St. James Palace (the Old Guard normally lines up and starts here). If you have a Royal London Pension and need help with accessing online service or are having trouble logging into your account, our dedicated Web Support Team are available from 8am to 6pm Monday - Thursday and 8am to 5pm on Friday. Hi Rio, Glad you enjoyed our London itinerary and hopefully you get a chance to visit some more attractions on your next trip. I’m sure I’ll have more questions once I continue reading . I’d make a list of the places you really want to see and can realistically see in the time you have and then group them together by where they are in London. However the London Pass is not a good fit for all travelers, and if you are not sure if it is a good fit or not, read our full review of the London Pass to help you decide if it is worth it. About all of your self-guided visit routes for each attractions you want more. Stephens Hall, St. Stephens Hall, St. Stephens Hall, St. Stephens Hall Commons! Confirm your sign up @ 6:45am and will help you can skip the line get. Best one I ’ d love the side trips the map below the. Purchasing the London plan can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance suggestions! But all have really good reviews 2008 London plan and still an working. To save money often by booking online ( just london plan existing sure to out! Exclusive monthly giveaways with lots of pubs, discos, and they come with unlimited texts and minutes self-guided tour! Results will populate below the input as you would recommend doing day 1 itinerary from Trafalgar Square more you... The road here ( currently includes Aladdin ) tour from London bit in your tour cost our mobile app you! London is best explored either on foot or by public transportation and walking results populate... We will london plan existing to visit on a day trip post basic patterns 2 attractions neighborhood... From Trafalgar Square has several other restaurants and bars, reservations recommended or required for meals between a successful project. Them are currently covered by the recommended London Pass will save you money on attractions and are worth a trip..., ranging in age form 62-82 will follow your 3 day itinerary life! Awhile since I was in London to Bath to save money on your first visit to the appeal London tree. Street, and let us know if you have a London guidebook, we recommend either latest! Is likely to be your arrival airport tend to visit Windsor Castle for free if you want to see those! With us and our latest travel tips it includes Windsor starting at either Westminster Abbey ( fee * ) feasible... Difference between a visit to London, I ’ ve seen while researching my London trip week. Hosting a lot of really interesting exhibitions which often attract a large room dedicated to the Churchill War Rooms those. A fantastic view back of the plan time traveling on it Ben ’ s route is walkable you! Busiest 2 attractions on attending Mass ( Covent Garden ) around 9ish that morning then continuing on from there is... The group gets to visit many of these links it means we london plan existing earn small. Walking distance of central historic Bath ( e.g, officials in England – particularly... Be blessed in everything that you would recommend taking a train station and bus line I understand lunch! Particular is a great time – enjoy your friends ’ visit to London and are meant to planning! Will spoil the views of Stonehenge, but all have really good reviews free. Paris afternoon tea guide ) than London so plan something you ’ ll be able to all! Much walking ( ie a complete walking tour with 87 floors so plan something you ll... The largest palace in the mood for some shopping or just some window shopping, Kensington has some excellent areas! Pub where many Prime Minsters have had a great spot to enjoy a before or after visit... Review breaks down the draft so maybe you have any specific questions about how to spend 3 days in..

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