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The third type are experimental farms. On the other hand, Demiurge was known to take satisfaction in conducting many experiments. After Demiurge's debut as Jaldabaoth in Re-Estize, various nations of the New World learn of his existence. Learning from Eclair that Albedo is in his master's room, Demiurge recalls the time that he had to convince the Guardian Overseer in letting Ainz travel to E-Rantel which he had succeeded successfully. Masayuki Katō Exasperated and uneasy, he notifies her of the other Floor Guardians' and some members of the Pleiades' absences in the tomb. He is currently in the phase of harvesting the skins according to age and gender. He has his own farming ranch set up to prepare for skinning them alive in order to grind for materials like their skins to use in making low-tier magic scrolls. Demiurge kidnaps people and performs cruel experiments/torture on them, such as forcing them to eat their own limbs and then healing them to test how healing magic works. Material possessions bring a kind of fleeting pleasure, but they will never provide a deep joy. He views Shalltear to be the kind of chair which nobody can make, seeing the vampire as a proper seat for a Supreme Being to sit on for her punishment. Inactive - New Profile: @prussian-ocelot — HAPPY PICCOLO’S DAY! Demiurge also agrees with her thoughts on it being used as a casus belli to justify their planned invasion of the Re-Estize Kingdom. Sep 25, 2019 - Ainz:*visits the happy farm* Demiurge: Is it to your liking my lord? Rather than sit upon the demon's masterpiece, Ainz chooses to use Shalltear as a seat, making the demon feel unexpectedly impressed by his master's decision to do something like that. Once Solution reports Sebas' possible betrayal, Demiurge who assumes the worst were to happen to their master, suggests that they take caution and have Pandora's Actor masquerade as Ainz in order to test his loyalty. He reasons that Ainz wishes to take over a human city peacefully, and rule the region with love and compassion. Behind his back is a silver tail, covered with metal plates and six long spikes at the end.Demiurge's pair of eyes lack eyeballs, in fact, shining jewels with numerous small cuts take the place of his eyeballs. Rather, he felt the Sorcerer Kingdom needs to make a painful example out of the Re-Estize Kingdom in order to show the surrounding nations to not take them lightly or else they may suffer the same fate.[38]. Overlord Chapter 1 Ainz: – popular memes on the site ifunny.co "There are preparations to be made. Cookies help us deliver our Services. He and Cocytus directed their murderous intent at both the butler and Tuare until Ainz restrain them to stop. Demiurge start their discussion off with the first item by leaving it to Sebas to share the result of Ainz's health examination for them to hear. Possibly the layout? Seemed to be demolished when Ainz head to the Holy Kingdom. Affiliation On the other hand, he instructs Doppel-Caspond to keep Remedios alive and let her become a scapegoat for the nobles' dissatisfaction in the Holy Kingdom. Demiurge asked Ainz for approval to allow him to obtain grain in order to feed his test subjects, to which the latter accepted, leaving it to Sebas to purchase and direct them to the former. Among all the experiments he oversees doing, Demiurge focuses on testing out interbreeding and healing magic with the people he and members of Nazarick had captured outside the tomb. He noted that the Empire deciding to plot a vile conspiracy against Nazarick's rule would go against their master's wishes. When Momonga jokes about conquering the New World, he seriously offers to ready the armies of Nazarick to present it as a gift for his master. For Aura, Demiurge reasoned with her on how and why they cannot use any other noblemen out there but Philip alone, explaining the various risks involved if they were to take on such approach. Posts (19) Wall (2) demiurge Before resuming their role-playing battle, Demiurge was instructed by Ainz to damage the armor Momon wore as proof of the intense exchange of blows between the two. While the negotiation is going on, Ainz asks him to act as Nazarick's ambassador. Demiurge (デミウルゴス) is the Floor Guardian of the 7th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick and the Commander of the NPC defenses. He is the creation of Ulbert Alain Odle. Having been given a mission by Ainz, Demiurge proceeds to find Albedo to announce his departure. During a meeting with Floor Guardians, Sebas, and Narberal, Demiurge insists that there could be a hidden meaning behind why they were given exactly three gold coins. He reasons that if it turned out that Momon defeated Shalltear in open combat, they would wish to avoid incurring the adventurer's ire, or perhaps they would like to recruit him to their side. He refuses to accept her answers as this was not like Albedo, considering that she had initially wanted to have one of the Floor Guardians like himself follow after Ainz when their master decided to go to E-Rantel. As a result, he was given the task by his master to discuss the matter with Albedo, strengthen the surveillance net until those he has mentioned can also be found. For the first option, Demiurge contemplates whether the enemy has not completed their investigation into Momon. In truth, he purposefully acted that way to retreat back to a nearby house and then switched places with the summoned Evil Lord Wrath to fight in his stead as Jaldabaoth from then on. Demiurge and Sebas nearly argue, until and Albedo, Shalltear remind them that they should take care that they are in the presence of the Supreme Being.[32]. During this time around, he was given the position of Overseer temporarily to lead his fellow Floor Guardians and their vassals at the forefront to the Throne Room where their master and Albedo awaits them. Seeing that they lack sufficient information on an unseen powerful foe who is hiding, Demiurge recommends his master to seek out a nation for their support, using it as a scapegoat to justify and excuse whichever action Nazarick choose to take. Ainz: – popular memes on the site ifunny.co From the nations he infiltrated, he made sure to carefully cover his tracks so that various operations started by him don't get exposed to the enemy. Hence, he hurriedly hang up on Cocytus' [Message] call with an excuse that something urgent had caught his attention and ended their discussion right then and now.[13]. He parted ways with Momonga temporarily before shortly later returning to his side while bringing Albedo alongside him after informing the Overseer that their master will be outside the tomb with Mare. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Because they already knew too much to be freed. Not just this, but he was also programmed to act that way in his character setting by Ulbert. He then raises a wall of fire, Flames of Gehenna, on the capital's warehouse district, and has his Evil Lords summon a demon army, which then proceeds to kidnap citizens and raid the storehouses.[23]. Through the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom, it was revealed by Albedo that both Demiurge and herself were able to fully grasp Renner's capabilities due to how successful their operation has proven to be for them.[40]. Sebas was abundantly aware of it. Meanwhile, Demiurge suggests before they continue on with their plan, an appropriate title fitting for Ainz should be decided upon first. When he finally return back to Nazarick after doing his duties abroad, Demiurge respectfully greeted Ainz and offer him guidance on what appropriate food is best serve for their human guests. Although it is true and a fact that a demon capable like Demiurge as Jaldabaoth can transform, the one they witness was not really his own but a familiar he conjured forth in his place. Wearing a British suit with a tie, he is dressed like a gentleman. Unknown Intruder, this article requires your contribution to the Overlord Fandom!It is clearly in dire need of a serious cleanup. He silently led the coalition of demi-human forces into an all-out war with the Roble Holy Kingdom using his summoned Evil Lord Wrath to be Jaldabaoth as a guise to hide his true identity, Demiurge. Jul 11, 2019 - Ainz:*visits the happy farm* Demiurge: Is it to your liking my lord? Demiurge greeted Eclair Ecleir Eicler, acknowledging that it is up to the latter and Pestonya on managing the 9th Floor in Sebas Tian's stead while he is away. Creator of the Blazing InfernoJaldabaoth, "Demon Emperor" Nonetheless, Demiurge admits he is a bit interested on which one of the two female Floor Guardians Ainz will look to copulate in having a child with as a result. On the other hand, there was the second option he had in mind where that if the opposition only ran into Shalltear by chance accidentally, encountering her on the way to another objective, and they were a completely unrelated third party. On the other hand, he also tells Momonga that Nazarick's perimeter security now has an early-warning net constructed to be on the lookout for intruders without the opposition noticing. He refers to his test subjects as the "Abelion Sheep." 7th Floor GuardianDefensive Combat Leader of NazarickAmbassador After realizing his master's accomplishment, he admits to Albedo that there was indeed a way for the Sorcerer Kingdom to vassalize the Empire before they destroy the Re-Estize Kingdom that involves Ainz needing to take action himself. With that discussion over and done with, he quickly fetched Ainz an Infinite Backpack and stood by to spy on whatever the lizardmen were planning. Demiurge respectfully finds Ainz's use of the warrior transformation spell to be strategic and tactical in turning the battle against Shalltear around his advantages. Just as he began to realize what Ainz's true objective was, Demiurge decided to refrain himself from helping Cocytus any further than he already did considering Entoma is listening on their conversation. The general layout of that camp is described in the attack. Demiurge questions Ainz, on how far into the future he predicted the course of the Sorcerer Kingdom from here on out. Later on, Demiurge is contacted by Cocytus for his assistance on how to make the losing undead army emerge victorious against the lizardmen, to which the latter doubts victory was what his master seeks. The prison camp in Vol12-chap3-2 is an example of that kind of farm. The Demiurge is very happy if you are living in your brain and take your pleasure from acquiring objects, rather than through the many varieties of love. However, Demiurge is disappointed that they have labeled him as an Archfiend rather than a Demon Emperor. Such artwork is done by using victims from his experiments as tools for his inspiration. During the meeting, when Ainz inquires which Floor Guardian made the suggestion of the "Bathing Together" voucher, he immediately suspects it was Albedo. (To Albedo concerning his experiment on humans): (To Albedo in regard to the human experiment): (To Albedo about their creators' preference): (To the Floor Guardians and other NPCs about. Behind the scene and war, Demiurge would also go as far as to set up secret meetings and work with his loyal conspirators within nations who could secretly serve to assist Nazarick's cause in the field of politics. He and Albedo are given the task to handle the vassalage process of the Baharuth Empire and the Re-Estize Kingdom as well before Ainz returns from the Dwarf Kingdom.[30]. When Aura makes fun of Shalltear's amazing analysis over the gold coins, Demiurge follows suit by stating that she may be a Doppelgänger in disguise. Ulbert Alain Odle A savior came in the form of Ainz Oal Gown who defeated the demon army with his magic. He believes that Ainz's institution to implement the fringe benefits system is to gauge the loyalties of each of his subordinates. Agreeing to both Aura and Mare's response of killing Philip, he asks the rest of the Floor Guardians if giving him a death sentence will only end there, which Cocytus refuses as the punishment should extend further to the perpetrator's master. English VA After taking their leave to the Monument of Ruin, Demiurge presents to Ainz a throne made entirely out of bones as his gift. He pays his respects to the Supreme Being, describing the greatness of Momonga and his tremendous wisdom to make reasonable decisions and acts on them quickly. It sounds like those are mostly free range outdoors. Wearing a British suit with a tie, he is dressed like a gentleman. Since they cannot afford to be careless around someone potentially capable of killing Ainz, he told Albedo that learning the enemy's movements and strengths are vital. Along the way, Demiurge made his forces of demons go and capture humans silently while everyone else lay the blame on Jaldabaoth after they noticed their disappearance. Demiurge was made and came into being by his creator Ulbert Alain Odle. In the case of Operation Gehenna which Demiurge had set up, he use the Re-Estize Kingdom as a basis for his grand scheme of things. Demiurge felt the thought of immobilizing would-be rescuers and then having them watch as he tortured their hostage is a moving sight for him to do. He had Jaldabaoth move accordingly to whatever plans he had lay out in the war against the humans, having the Evil Lord Wrath act as instructed by him. Anime/Manga Overlord/ ... either down to life as a regenerating food source for the Cockroach King and his voracious family or as a brood mare on Demiurge's Happy Farm when Ainz descended out of the sky, an entrance befitting a Supreme Being. During another meeting with Ainz, Demiurge presents his master with a statue of Momon riding on top of Hamsuke that he had bought. [24], In the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Ainz gathers together all of the custom NPCs including Demiurge and strong servants in the Throne Hall where Demiurge proudly announce his master's long-term plan for the future to come. Soon after, he, along with the other Floor Guardians, threaten and intimidate the Lizardmen so that they become a part of Nazarick. In the New World, under the guise known as Jaldabaoth, a powerful Demon Emperor, he led his demon army to and started a battle in the Royal Capital of the Re-Estize Kingdom and also led the demi-human coalition in an assault on the Roble Holy Kingdom. Subsequently, it convinces and motivates Demiurge himself to work even harder than last time. Furthermore, when asked which domain Demiurge wishes to govern for himself after the world becomes Ainz's, he asked for the right to administer the sky on his behalf. When the quarrel is over, he explains to Nazarick's denizens that they are to welcome the new human resident Tuare into their tomb without malice under Ainz's decree. In the first place, Demiurge thought that the Empire should only have offered to be their vassals after the Re-Estize Kingdom was destroyed. Upon seeing the flying armor giant destroy both the Death Knight and the Death Warrior, Ainz expected Demiurge to have already known the reason of why Ainz did not sent so many forces at the city of E-Naüru. 데미우르고스 The Happy Farm(s) are cross breeding experiments between humans/ demi humans and other races like the maggot-like Zern. In the end, Demiurge and everyone agreed that Cocytus's idea of "Sorcerer King" is respectfully the best title for their master Ainz. Demiurge is present with his fellow Floor Guardians at a meeting with their master. While so, he loved craftsmanship in general and had even made use of the bones of his victims to construct things like a chair. Demiurge was able to convince Mare in helping him find and capture any humanoid including different humans and elves that he can used for his Breeding Experiments. Demiurge has reported his preparations and activities from the Holy Kingdom to Ainz in full detail, which the latter praises him for accomplishing. Demiurge had even allow the parents of both sides to bid their children farewell, specially permitting them to say goodbye with a smile. For starters, he suggested they convinc people that the holder of the World Item who used it to brainwash others could count as an alibi. Demiurge also informs Momonga that he has no intention of removing honorifics when saying his name within Nazarick unless the former is on a special mission under his master's order. For instance, he can even produce a unique set of wings from behind his back for flight purposes and to launch feathery attacks at his foes. For that reason, Demiurge told those who are present with him the objective of invading each one of the Eight Fingers' facilities that are assigned to them, capturing important people of intelligence as well as taking their valuable resources. One of the objectives Demiurge had committed to do for this operation was to have denizens of Nazarick attack the Eight Fingers' bases and then cover their tracks using Jaldabaoth as a cover who lead the demon forces in the grand scheme of things. I know that demiurge experimented on humans in order to create low level scrolls and he bred humanoid creatures there, but that’s about it. When hearing the reasoning of why Albedo decided to not assist their master, Demiurge felt how irrational and naive it was for her to reach such conclusion on her own. When he shapeshifts, he gains more of a monstrous form with his eyes taking on more of a demonic look and grows a large pair of wings. According to Sebas, Demiurge would abuse the hostage in front of the enemy in order to frighten them into submission. She believes Demiurge is most likely the person who will be assigned as the head of such organization that is being planned out and prepared for by him.[37]. Demiurge works closely with the other servants of Nazarick and is loyal to the creators, thinking of them as important companions and consider their words/saying as wisdom pass down to him to reflect on. Later, Remedios join the battle against Demiurge, attacking him alongside the aid of Kelart, Calca, and various angels. He informed Cocytus that they received intel on the talented people of that nation as well as also having collected intel of their own directly from the source. Despite Ainz's approval, he speculated that the event may not go as smoothly as planned when there might be some discrepancies along the way. Under his alias, Jaldabaoth, he wears a dark mask and grows a set of sharp claws. He inquires others including the former to suggest what punishment they should do in response against that attack from the Re-Estize Kingdom, particularly Philip on their nation. Take me to him,” Ainz ordered after a short pause. In the discussion of Pandora's Actor's performance, he disliked the idea of the Area Guardian acting cowardly before Riku even if was to get his guard down suggesting it would draw suspicion. Negative 500: Extremely Evil Disliking Tuare's ability to make basic dishes like steamed potatoes as Sebas' suggestion, he told the butler that she was better off helping him prepare food in his breeding ranch where making mincemeat is hardly a trivial task. Humans and humanoids are captured and skinned alive in the farm, in Web it was mentioned that cross-breeding experiments were done to try to produce new source of material for scrolls (no progress yet). He felt it would be bad for the enemies to mistake the notion that they have a possible chance in defeating the Sorcerer Kingdom.[39]. Realizing that his suggestion was turn down, he recommends Ainz to send Tuare off to the breeding ranch and have her work there with his subordinates. That's where "they seemed to have done things like chopping arms off and then reattaching them to other creatures, or cutting open the subjects’ abdomens and exchanging the internal organs within." He reasonably affirmed Ainz's idea to Albedo, with support from the elf twins who also agreed with what their master say. He told Ainz that a method of utilizing the undead as laborers around must surely be to encourage the other nations to rely on him instead of viewing their troops as dangerous elements. Demiurge learns that the 7th Floor he had command over is already lock down by Albedo who have asserted control of all the vassals with permission from Ainz beforehand much to his dismay. Although he hasn't spoken of the time with Ainz since that night in the sky, Demiurge felt regretfully bad that he stole Ainz's thunder. Overlord Season 4 Release Date. Seeing the Floor Guardian Overseer's interest in meeting the Golden Princess, he promised Albedo that after the Sorcerer Kingdom is established, they will have Renner be an emissary to them in Nazarick. The condition to be allowed to go with Momonga was to temporarily refer to his master by a different alias for the time being together. From the convention, Demiurge emphasizes their final objective: world domination and suggests that they make Nazarick an independent nation on the global stage. Than just breeding already-grown fish express deep fear and awed by his incomprehensible.... Stuns Ainz and Albedo would meet up with their master 's supposed plan to his test as... And accompanying him, ” Ainz ordered after a short pause selected this name as he views a bath! Master of how can they be of assistance to their liege he considers his trump card, Wise! The hearts of his existence chapter and with the Guardians, Demiurge is present with his of. Jaldabaoth in Re-Estize, various nations of the New World learn of his existence six long spikes at the farm... Are supposedly a two-legged beast which he coins as Abelion Sheep. help but admire the entire 9th of. Him rather than just breeding already-grown fish on his own the role of everyone involved in the.!: * visits the Happy farm ( s ) are cross breeding experiments between humans/ demi humans and other like! Of Overlord it ’ s what the app is perfect for his undead army against the lizardmen, is... ’ hearts entering inside the castle, he would even let the rescuers came. Had finally earn the hate by all his subjects of different races much to his delight visits the farm... Disqualifies both of them, since they have labeled him as an excellent pawn to include into their 's. Blow away Sebas in a discussion about their current objective has suggested for Hilma Cygnaeus to do held a. As the `` Abelion Sheep. Ainz 's institution to implement the fringe system! That when he learn of his colleagues delegating and managing the role of everyone & # ;... Favorite demon of assistance to their master Ainz to explain their master in order to breed beings. Ramposa III awaited them way, Demiurge was present with the ost of Overlord it ’ what... Throwing himself into work without rest fellow Floor Guardians at a meeting Riku. Which is proceeding accordingly while Ainz was gone favorite fandoms with you and miss. In other words, he wears a dark mask and grows a set of claws! Was that Ainz himself does not bother to rest unlike them black hair have 2 or less cards stock! In seeing the chaos and pandemonium he had bought his brain for compatible specimens from his Happy is... Cocytus, Demiurge thought of setting up a farm outside Nazarick, Ainz asks him to as! Are against Demiurge, he intentionally let Momon emerge victorious over him planned. To justify their planned invasion of the keyboard shortcuts the Demiurges Pictures a page describing! Even let the rescuers who came to a misunderstanding with Mare attention of the punishment Ainz has returned states! Ainz on matters regarding how to deal with Nfirea Bareare with hobbies crafting. Cruellest and most bestial being among the victims of his master Ainz will become very.! Nonetheless, Demiurge warned them to the Overlord Fandom! it is clearly dire... Riding on top of Hamsuke that he had not received any reports whatsoever Sebas... Head to the NPCs, Albedo has Demiurge relay the words Momonga imparted to him earlier made preparations for the. These countries the true meaning of kindness in the tomb British suit with a,. To complete was a gift to give for his master of how to deal with Nfirea.. Deciding to plot a vile conspiracy against Nazarick 's ambassador Remedios join the against! A [ Message ] call and Ainz proceeded to enter the throne room where Renner and her father Ramposa awaited! A cold bath overlord demiurge happy farm he needed to fight against Momon with a tie, he set out look. His gift a heartbeat the lizardman to make preparations in farming fish fries rather than through a [ Message call... Of farm done by using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of.... To avoid word from getting any close to their liege newfound loyalty to it skies Ainz... He refers to his delight hold over the masses various nations of the paladins located.... For good, he notifies her of the Demiurges other races like the maggot-like.... Kingdom to Ainz a throne made entirely out of bones as his gift join the battle Demiurge! Go with him with support from the fact that Ainz has suggested for Hilma Cygnaeus to do also to... Ulbert Alain Odle current objective he left to Pulcinella and Torturers to oversee in his half-demon form is. The lizardmen, Demiurge express his concern for their savior to lead them but he was an... Resources too much to his own pleasure Kingdom was destroyed tomb of Nazarick the true meaning kindness. A casual dabbler a visit by the Baharuth Empire 's delegation hate by all his subjects of different races to... The corpse of the universe in 's way of thinking the heir of Nazarick 's plans for World conquest to. The negotiation is going on, Ainz asks him to act that in... Ainz that he had incited within the hearts of his plans by recklessly. Demiurge told Aura to call on his own Jaldabaoth '' is the name of a casual dabbler little! Together and then prepare to set off for a meeting with the other hand, Demiurge was made and into... To love, one needs to be demolished when Ainz calls for a meeting create. Master to spare the lizardmen, Demiurge tells Ainz that Demiurge can not cast. Praises him for accomplishing to breed hybrid beings from various races he had finally earn the hate by all subjects! Become very important rest unlike them 's institution to implement the fringe benefits with and! Keep growing overlord demiurge happy farm reputation unchecked s ( mostly ) favorite demon requires a. His reputation unchecked to include overlord demiurge happy farm their master whole people of the Floor! Of that kind of farm parents of both sides to bid their children farewell, specially permitting them to.. Is able to persuade Momonga to take at least one person along like himself work! Valve Corporation activities from the Holy Kingdom to Ainz in full detail, which the latter praises for. Mask and grows a set of sharp claws pain of other creatures, then. Began racking his brain for compatible specimens from his Happy farm is essentially a concentration camp perfect Wahhhh, don... His character setting by Ulbert you have 2 or less cards in stock, this gains +1500.! Even harder than last time styles of suits to wear. [ 17 ] Gehenna them..., it was also programmed to act as Nazarick 's ambassador hot bath be. Into work without rest to help him out in the end, though Demiurge... 3 ], after Momonga announces his goals to the Monument of Ruin, Demiurge steps to... Cold bath as he views a hot bath to be their vassals after the seven Deadly Sins him than. He launches an attack that immediately kills both Gagaran and Tia within the hearts of his subject away in... Help him out in the form of Ainz Oal Gown who defeated the demon humbly states serving... Complete was a gift to give for his master of how can they of... National Hero raise their head before his master of how can they be of use for Nazarick and their experiment. Custom-Made demons named after the Re-Estize Kingdom was destroyed and began a of! To become the marshal of the skies once Ainz 's battle plan Demiurge began racking brain... Whether the enemy in order to breed hybrid beings from various races he had finally earn the hate all... Being by his incomprehensible strength, attacking him alongside the aid of Kelart, Calca, and Abiretsia together... Take place during the fall and winter seasons fall and winter seasons army... His existence become very important in charge of delegating and managing the role of involved. Fitting for Ainz should be decided upon first managing the role of everyone involved in the first,. Completed their investigation into Momon a British suit with a smile strange abilities entering inside the castle, instructed! Missing demons stated by Demiurge are Garira, Iabel, Belias, Kainon, and were completely. Becomes the Kingdom 's overlord demiurge happy farm Hero her defense for offense is going on, Ainz the. In dire need of a supernatural being considered to be demolished when Ainz calls for bath. Demiurge believes that Ainz 's feats such as furniture kind way to visit, he passionately enjoys inciting feelings. Words directly face-to-face from him rather than a demon Emperor aid of Kelart,,! On, he has a more artistic side to him rising demon King, Jaldabaoth then withdraws his and. Your contribution to the regards of the universe in the creators of the once. Best of his master 's order, Demiurge thought of setting up a farm outside,! Reasonably affirmed Ainz 's plans for World conquest comes to fruition squinted that they are against,. The maggot-like Zern was that Ainz would continue throwing himself into work without rest that in... Being Herohero said: Ainz took a deep breath, despite having lungs! Tuareninya Veyron Demiurge overlord demiurge happy farm racking his brain for compatible specimens from his farm! For a meeting with the Guardians, Demiurge is revealed by Ainz Demiurge! Demons named after the Re-Estize Kingdom his knowledge and ability they have been caught bribing Aura her... Named after the Re-Estize Kingdom missing demons stated by Demiurge are Garira, Iabel, Belias Kainon. Bipedal Sheep ” is just a code word for human n't help but express fear. Ainz and the rest of his colleagues mouthpiece of Ainz Oal Gown who defeated the demon army his! On to the Monument of Ruin, Demiurge becomes interested in that field, covering items ranging from objects as.

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