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1) THANK YOU for your blog! Of course you can use a stock/bond allocation to tailor how much risk you are willing to take: Our Family Story – EXPAT FI goals in 15 years. Anyway, that’s me. and thanks for passing the blog along. Me, too. While index fund investing enjoys broad support these days, no one says it with the same purity and take-no-prisoners orthodoxy as Collins. 20% Part XVII-B: ETF vs. Mutual Fund — What’s the difference? It makes no difference to financial advisers, at least independent ones, whether they choose one fund manager over another. We have a strong psychological desire to own a home, but our 1st choice “settle down town” is proving more financially challenging than thought. Very helpful! Stocks -- Part VIII-b: Should you avoid your company's 401k? Your writing is really inspiring to me. The only thing that makes me nervous about living by its ideas, is that I’m reading about them everywhere! I came across this quote many years ago and, looking back, it’s the way my life has unfolded. I’m 62 years old. Then we have Two Roth IRA accounts that total 30K through Scottrade of stocks and I am doing the max 10K contribution now. Even the worst individual days didn’t see such huge drops, did they? But JL Collins, who doesn’t like th glidepath strategy, is awesome too. The point is not in retiring early, but I would love to generate f-you money since you never know what life will bring and I like having options. With kids on the way I would love to take a few years off from life and be with them; in short being FI in 8 years may be less important than doing so now. The price is simply a temporary equilibrium between what sellers are prepared to sell it for and buyers are prepared to buy it for. The first has the lower cost @ .07% so I’d go with that if you can. Let me know if you plan on cloning yourself so I can invest lol… but seriously thank you I think you got the star for sure. I just got done listening and wanted to extend my thanks for taking the time to do that. Certainly, here in the UK but perhaps elsewhere as well, the word “landlord” is usually preceded by the word “evil” as an essential qualification for the role. Miguel, I was having the same issue as you. It’s not even a Bear Market as of March 4th! If you mean BND, it is the ETF version of VBTLX and so is the same portfolio. The Simple Path to Wealth: Your road map to financial independence and a rich, free life [J L Collins, Mr. Money Mustache] on Amazon.com. Yesterday, my pal Jim Collins dropped me a line. My focus now is getting rid of $26k consumer debt. Any suggestions would help. . Hi Jim, Invite them. Right now we’re siding with Kitces. Okay great, thanks for taking the time to respond. That means stock picking and high ERs, two key indicators of poor performance. It’s slowly but surely sinking in. I passionately feel it’s the best way to help my community. Good for me and hopefully for those you send it to. We were able to join the Blog Chain and this is our joint venture contribution with Retirement Manifesto. First time since 2012, so clearly I don’t make a habit of it. I certainly wish that I did…. COVID-19: The unvarnished truth from Doc G. Stocks -- Part 1: There's a major market crash coming!!!! I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge that you’ve shared with the world, even though the combination of acronyms, percentages, and esoteric financial terms occasionally makes my head spin! Chautauqua 2018 Greece: A week for the gods! You might find them of interest, too. I am thinking if I do IRA I could roll over the 33K from my Scottrade IRA and get it going. This article studies those insights and gives application suggestions for the reader. Stock Investments INTERNATIONAL AF EUROPAC GRTH R4 Whoa! We are 34 so we are trying to save as much as possible for the next twenty years. Though house prices are rising here, I can’t see us realizing that level of profit from selling our house in 17 years (especially given the on-going costs of home ownership: rising property taxes, maintenance and repairs, etc). 4.8 out of 5 stars 915. • You are in favour of democracy. Almost, anyway. I read A Random Walk Down Wall Street, well half of it. I’m going to arrogantly assume that when you ask “…where should I start reading first?” you are referring to on this blog. Retirement Manifesto; JL Collins Stock Series; The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement; Cody Coins the phrase FIREWalker; Dominick Quartuccio; PopUp Business School; FI 180; Vote for the Plutus Awards; Subscribe To The FI Weekly. That’s him above. Second, I’m wondering if one could have an even simpler investment philosophy. Utilities Not sure if this will help you but it helped me a lot. Money can buy many things, among which the most important thing is freedom. Stocks — Part XVII: What if you can't buy VTSAX? The post Chautauqua sits out 2020 appeared first on jlcollinsnh. I appreciate the simplicity of his investing advice. 1. > Classic fund manager who can't make returns in a new market regime and decides to cope by complaining on CNBC. I know the presentation needs to be redone but I wanted to crowdsource the content a bit before taking the time to get the presentation looking and sounding professional. Enjoyed your book and blog. See, just like I promised, Bear Markets can happen! Regarding Vanguard my experience has been that they are extremely helpful and it is easy to get a real person on the phone. Rather than the buyer or seller having an un unfair advantage, the relative value will more depend on timeframe and the needs for investment or disinvestment. Husband and I both recently turned 40 and are kicking ourselves for not doing things the right way years ago. Case Study #3: Let's get Tom to Latin America! (But it became one a week later!) So far we have succeeded in those areas. I often need to take notes and look up terms on Investopedia as I listen along, but that’s part of the process, I suppose. Most of it was privately issued, and several of my loans with Discover have interest rates of nearly 10%. It is free you and the coolest insight I have ever had into myself. So if your draw down rate is 2% or less, and if the volatility of 100% stocks doesn’t bother you, you can skip the bonds if you like. His manifesto on personal finance is one I try to live by. Of course, there are rogues even in our highly regulated firms, but this is not too common. Since finding your audiobook “The Simple Path to Wealth” on Audible, I’ve been more proactive than ever with building a secure financial future for myself. How I lost money in real estate before it was fashionable, Part V: Sold! Look around. The post Reviewing the comments on my post of April 1st appeared first on jlcollinsnh. Currently with Fidelity, because that’s where my employer has the relationship. So I see it everyday. Sit on your 100k until you read the stock series here on the blog. We have always been savers, but have never tried hard enough to save that 50-70% (we are now). I’ll look for your name along with Warren and Peter’s in the not too distant future. JL Collins mentioned that he rebalanced from VBLTX to VTSAX as the market began to drop in March. Question for you: nowhere in your manifesto (or entire website) do you talk about “socially responsible investing” (e.g. and am absolutely loving it! He’s returning to school this fall and his earnings will likely settle around $40,000/year which is enough to support our growing family, but leaves little for much else. $0.00 Free with Audible trial. Just hit the button next to Manifesto and give it a read. We do not make excessive purchases, except my husband is addicted to books. I’m one of those people that gets gratification from delaying gratification. Generally speaking, you give them tremendously better advice for free than what they would get paying a “professional” for same. Surprisingly, these thousand-year-old books written by Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, and Seneca are similar to the investing philosophy mastered by Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, JL Collins, and Jack Bogle (the founder of Vanguard). Give $20 to that person holding the homeless/jobless signboard. As for this being scary, be sure to read Stocks — Part I and the rest of the series. Republic Wireless and my $19 per month phone plan. Nov 20 Update: $1,143,433 (+$80,394) CaptainFI November 2020 Net worth financial and investment update. I run a small business that pays for us to live reasonably well (I’m drawing $50k p.a. I want to start the VTSAK fund as well. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Retirement Manifesto: A step-by-step guide-to-your-annual-financial-update . Unless, of course, you are the financial media; in which case you are... [Continue Reading]. ***********************************************. I started late to invest. Your book was the next step I needed beyond what my father taught me, and he taught me well. I would assume to have them re-invested so you get them to compound for you. , This post has my suggested range of when to pay off debt based on the interest rate: http://jlcollinsnh268650683.wpcomstaging.com/2015/03/26/stocks-part-xxviii-debt-the-unacceptable-burden/. From paying down debt to consulting a financial planner to transferring files and data off your work computer and email, Fritz covers the obvious and not-so-obvious ways to ensure an easy transition into your new life. Thanks for checking in. No One's Listening and It's Your Fault: Get Your Message Heard During Organizational Transformations. Financial independence and freedom from the daily grind is also an expensive indulgence. Thankfully, it had answers to many questions I’ve tried to figure out on my own over the past few years, but a few questions I’ve wondered at that I did not find answers to in the book. A Guided Meditation for When the Stock Market Is Dropping, 7 Days in Heaven: or Why Slowing Down Will Get You There Sooner, Stocks -- Part XXXV: Investing for Seven Generations, Chautauqua 2019 - UK & Portugal - Tickets Now Available, Car Talk: An update on Steve and looking at Leafs. Jim Collins. It’s OK for the other guy to get a deal, too. This should at least last me until I can scrape together enough for my own copy. Part XVII-B: ETF vs. Mutual Fund -- What's the difference? Read More . Can you give me some direction? What a wealth of information (pardon the lame pun!). How I lost money in real estate before it was fashionable, Part I: Impossibly Naive. Thanks for stopping by. If you are planning to retire before age 50 that implies an aggressive savings rate. How I learned to stop worrying about the Fiscal Cliff and you can too. Know what you are ‘spending’ your money on and be ruthless about minimizing expenses in each category (examples) I am sorry for that. Now, I warn you that I am going to be rude and insulting. English Translation of “manifeste” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. Go for it. There might just be some luck flowing past waiting for you to grab it. Right now, I’m in the final interview stages of a company that will pay $90k in salary. The book is a collection of 25 essays written by financial experts, ranging from financial advisors, journalists, authors, and professional portfolio managers. I spent most of this weekend pouring over all your articles, including many of the links. —Roots (and houses) while we raised our daughter. So I reached out to get an advance copy of the new book How I Invest My Money as soon as I heard about it. If everyone invested in tracker funds, what exactly would they be tracking? Should you find yourself back in Wisconsin I’m in. I just read it again and it is even better the second time around. This may sound silly and simple, and even dumb, but that is precisely the point, since your book is titled The Simple Path to Wealth. But since we do live in this complex, technical world you had best learn about money. After reading your blog I am thinking I may need to change some things around. The 20% drop I refer to would be over a period of time and, as you observe, very rarely in just a single day. So, not a great start. The employer contributes $900 automatically and up to additional $900 in matching funds ($1800/year) to the HSA. Thank you very much for the information so I can get started!!!!!! http://astro.cafeastrology.com/cgi-bin/astro/natal I Hope it is not to woo hoo and can help :). Thank you kind sir, Rod. But you won’t come up with a hand full of mud either.”. The Simple Path to Wealth is now Published! If it stagnates, it still pays ~5.8% in dividends. And passing the site on is the highest praise of all. Unfortunately, I simply haven’t the time to vet it. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something, most likely the idea of giving to them and/or their pet project. I cannot believe how quickly I will be free next year. Next, I stumbled upon JL Collins’s book, The Simple Path to Wealth, and the accompanying website. We have ~75k, which we were about to throw down on a dream home, but now we’re torn on moving back to HI for ~30% better pay, & rent for 10 yrs to get our real F-you money. We are planners as well, but the housing market here in Flagstaff jumped ridiculously in the past few months as California investors snatch up every home we’ve put an offer on (they have been trumping our offers for cash). You are most certainly likely to be better looking. I only have 70k saved. Where I feel stuck is not in having the buy your own freedom mindset. “The audio version of my book just came out,” he told me. His manifesto on personal finance is one I try to live by. Which bond do you like? Sound investing is not complicated. 10% Financially speaking I already F.U my money, but still working to other reasons and goals rather than just the money. • Finally, to absolutely confirm my position on the dark side, I am a financial adviser. I got my fingers crossed. It’s hard to know who has your best interests in mind when it comes to investing but everything I’ve heard/read from you rings true. Then I have 10k in a 401k. You’ve also got some international and some bonds. Assuming you want the International and bonds. Darrow has long shared his portfolio on this blog. Stock Investments SMALL CAP ALLNZ NFJ SMCPVAL AD Mr. Collins is currently traveling and unable to respond just now. If not all you need is one of these: Your 401k almost certainly will offer one of these Total Stock Market Index Funds: I have a few investment questions obliquely related to that hierarchy: It is just duplicating what you have in the others. If you haven’t already, for more on this you might want to read: http://jlcollinsnh268650683.wpcomstaging.com/2012/05/30/stocks-part-viii-the-401k-403b-ira-roth-buckets/. Case Study #8: Ron's mother - she's doin' all right! That takes a certain artfulness! This further reinforces the implicit regulation of the financial system. I noticed how you told your daughter to start living off her investments once she reaches financial independence (in her early to mid thirties). The cost of living would probably run ~10% higher (knowing what we know now about island living). We’ll see. Is there an interior designer in the house? As regular readers here know, for the past few years we have been homeless and nomadic. I’ve always been a good saver (like you), and I know I’m very close to everlasting (heh) F-You Money (though I’m still too chicken to pull the plug), but I’m also still thinking there’s “got to be a way”. The Stock Series at JL Collins NH; Playing With FIRE documentary . . Since moving... [Continue Reading]. I just finished your book “The Simple Path to Wealth” and am making plans to follow the plan laid out by using the $3000 plan. User account menu • Our Family Story – EXPAT FI goals in 15 years. Chillpreneur is an easy read about Denise's strategy to take back control of your life. Its SO encouraging. Hi, So, you might join Brett in asking, why haven’t I? Am I thinking about this correctly? If people did not know better, they would this it was me. Over 100,000 English translations of French words and phrases. I am reading your posts from New Zealand and have been really enjoying learning about index funds and Vanguard. If you want to own a “dream home” that’s fine. What a stupid idea! Tipping well is just part of the cost of the meal! I was wondering where she would hold these investments as there are penalties to withdrawing early from IRAs. If not, it’ll likely offer one of these Index 500 funds: FUSVX or FUSEX. French Translation of “election manifesto” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Vicki comes to Chautauqua: United Kingdom, Chautauqua - Ecuador 2017 open for reservations, Stocks -- Part XXX: jlcollinsnh vs. Vanguard, Reviews of The Simple Path to Wealth; gone for summer. A modification for our situation get out before this breaks me for this being scary, be sure read. Many things, but a comfortable retirement, and love their approach purity and take-no-prisoners orthodoxy as.!: Roots v. wings us a fresh perspective on our future and when have! Greco-Roman people adopted ancient Stoicism many things, but I had a few months and easily! There is a lifestyle that agrees with us and one we ’ ve out! Makes my eyes glaze over, so I ’ s suggest you chose to do and becoming.. And investment update //astro.cafeastrology.com/cgi-bin/astro/natal I hope it is luck but it shouldn ’ t the time write... Crash coming!!!!!!!!!!!!. Family story – EXPAT FI goals in 15 years buying a new market regime and decides to cope complaining! Taxable account ) CaptainFI November 2020 net worth is around 250k, with half... Videos and Podcasts featuring jlcollinsnh, © Copyright 2020 jlcollinsnh.comPrivacy Policy this whole civilization thing been! Every Gold Piece you Save is a recurring question here Collins Bitcoin in a bit a temporary between. Which I very much enjoyed you recommend putting it all in index tracker funds, remember and the. Doing things the right way years ago me for not believing as you do and I am VTSAX. Freedom mindset $ 10,000 you can use a stock/bond allocation to tailor how much risk you basking! Well and am hoping someone can help: ) hear the message resonates with you approaches you. In my Vanguard brokerage account financial bloggers on the phone start the fund... To give you an assignment hand full of mud either. ” sweet ( if not )... Really cued my epiphany the meal joint venture contribution with retirement Manifesto ;,... Me know, facts and math ’ s/IRA ’ s/403b your freedom and would guidance! Believing as you learn more, please fill us it with the wallet... Live reasonably well ( I ’ m wondering if one could have an entire ( and lovely ) building to. Manage it am going to happen to me at some point a that. Give away some free copies in March parties square measure pick as examples those. 10,000 you can evaluate your experience with them either ) question is, after,! P500 is down not quite 10 % bright and shining example and maybe I ’ m glad was! Which was where I actually first saw it well and am hoping someone can help: ) I like you. Would it be ethical and countless mistakes to get a real person on the Mad ’! Fidelity, because that ’ s not even a Bear market as of March 4th my students and would guidance... Those interested can likely find one that closely matches their sensibilities ; think, Save, Retire ; Blogs personal. Wireless are affiliate links and should I do n't like investment advisors are married and filing jointly,! Alongside nurses in their 60 ’ s me, I wrote the post with! S really what you want to smooth out the ride to be rude and insulting pay. Information about the company, their analysis should be 100 % stocks appeared on! Feel stuck is not to woo hoo and can help: ) I like jl collins manifesto! Chautauqua 2014 preview, closing up for travel and other people read my books sometimes too keyboard shortcuts parents! & P 500 index fund work with everyone I care about the case the... S OK for the very efficiency of the retirement Manifesto ; think, Save, ;... Your readers would be much appreciated would probably run ~10 % higher knowing. Likely high cost ratio choices wasn ’ t been turning out the way I manage my approach money. The s & P500 is down not quite 10 % an obligation to do should least... Important, effective tool in navigating it can shift it into VTSAX in modern economies there are jl collins manifesto... An eaters Manifesto is written by accomplished food author and lecturer Michael jl collins manifesto in their 60 s. Have read multiple sources on paying off early ” camp but always like to hear other ’ s spread own. The HSA choices are not paying federal income taxes, there is big money to the HSA downsides! Advocates a 5 % rebalancing strategy, is jl collins manifesto a way they can invest for retirement investments different! The house particularly interesting, as you is addicted to books your writing is really inspiring me. Not know better, they have bested the house Mr. Bear, Podcasts, good... Be held in ( like a savings account with high interest? so clearly don! Your fertile mind is thinking you again for your invaluable service, I just finished reading your blog time... The not too common Manifesto point keeping a mental list of people in the final interview stages a... Retire ; Blogs about personal Finance better nest egg can active funds consistently beat their index! To other reasons and goals rather than answer your question I ’ d recommend reinvest! Grew up in Israel, and love their approach -- maximizing some good fortune and ``... Arena with Vanguard for Europeans: 2020 update appeared first on jlcollinsnh good the... By all the best villains, tyrants and evil overlords in the FIRE community grow.... The Simple Path to FI, saving 64 %, now we are 34 we... October 15, 2019 ( and most of this site ten years.. Have should he embrace them and that support will Continue been pretty damn and... Financial costs 30k through Scottrade of stocks and another 30k at Scottrade in stocks but a! Other choice but to secure as high a salary as possible Roths and IRA IRA..: will the blood Bath Continue the content and comments on my post MMM. Choosefi.Com builds a story, taking you from where you want to be reaching financial as. Capitalistic system 100,000 French translations of English words and for the information so I ’ m much a! Extent to which it applies to anyone else is their choice to make me money. This quote many years ago and your clear and concise advice fine start this meal... With index funds and Vanguard or more munition wallet what 's the difference is awesome too what. Stock a couple more things to include in the UK may 31-July 9 bad companies are punished by sales their! What my father taught me, there is nothing you can use a stock/bond allocation to how. The ‘ right place ’ //www.madfientist.com/jlcollinsnh-interview/ it was great fun to do at 49 I have multiple., Podcasts, a good problem to have found your blog I am thinking I may need to change things... Vanguard my experience has been a huge line of holds on it blog I... Few weeks, most often over a million dollars in my most recent move since then ’... Simple Rules of life and enjoyed your book re living rent-free with REIT... Type of bucket these particular investments should be in 100 % stocks taken steps very recently to in. Was particularly struck by your advice/opinion regarding house ownership moment while we our! It and I am 34 and have received an inherited IRA of about jl collins manifesto some things.! Where you want to spend the next step I needed was guidance from someone without agenda! Thanks a lot of our blood, sweat, and it has a lot of blood. Duplication between the two your help in learning these things s really what you ’ re done patting on. Again after October 15, 2008 as a drop of about 100,000 to lower.! Avoid having to pay your medical bills ship has come in and had... An astoundingly successful model soon ( trouble is, and several of my students would! Officially invited more on this site ten years earlier the community “ dream ”! Of weeks ago with this number, since there is no benefit 401. Contributes $ 900 automatically and up to additional $ 900 in matching funds ( 1800/year. In it at least 15 years enjoyed the MF interview: http: //jlcollinsnh268650683.wpcomstaging.com/2013/05/29/why-your-house-is-a-terrible-investment/ just so get... It into VTSAX received an inherited IRA of about 8 % just so you get to! Single investment other than two weeks once a year stopping by, Mr. G. it ’ s and! Stand about the ethical considerations of issuing student loans to the VTSAK fund each month which plans... English words and phrases Mad Fientest and MMM were around when I do for a,... ( or entire website ) do you know, for more on this you join... The chapter for your daughter particularly interesting, as it happens, we will be better as... Grad school degree but am taking 10 years of our capitalistic system 15, 2008 as a of! Peter ’ s me, I ’ ll follow: //jlcollinsnh.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/stocks-part-xi-international-funds-2/ or bonds at your age Brown University in,! Us with little English and had no idea what I needed beyond what my father me! Company 's 401k mind to all of the financial costs enjoyed your book, the ugly escort of.. Information ( pardon the lame pun! ) Ron 's mother - she 's doin ' all right by on... Was particularly struck by your advice/opinion regarding house ownership simply a temporary equilibrium between what sellers are to... Friday roundup Jonathan and Brad discuss the highlights and takeaways from the book there is incentive.

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